OK people, can we talk about automated LinkedIn connections and messages for a few minutes? Let me use some Aussie bluntness actually, and I’ll restart this post. Ready? Here goes:

Automated LinkedIn Message. No No and NO people..

These types of tools used this way don’t get us anywhere if it’s real relationship building that we are trying to prioritize.

This one came into my inbox and initially I laughed, but there’s a bit more to this than a quick chuckle.

If an intro message is being sent, I think it should be written by a human being and should have a personal touch, and a sign that the person who’s reaching out has some knowledge of who you are, what you do, whom you do it for and why a connection would be beneficial.

I am finding that I use video for this kind of reach out, more and more. I get to have eye contact, show a bit of my personality, show that the video the contact is watching is specifically for them, that it was made JUST for them.
There are so many tools to help with this these days. The one I like to use though is called Tolstoy. https://www.gotolstoy.com/

Let’s start making reaching out more personal. This method I pictured below is really not fun and I don’t believe it can help create relationships, just numbers of contacts you have connected to you, that you may never hear from.
What do you all think?



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